They see what they've been told to see.
— Paul, Dune
You should make a machine where you just put money in and it gives you a receipt.
— Lily
My god, it's weird to know as much as I know.
— Lily
Wilde's Oxford notebooks show him experimenting with epigrammatic formulae, condensing his knowledge, making his ideas memorable... In conversation he began to play with paradox.
— Matthew Sturgis, Oscar Wilde
It has been won by both Matthew Arnold and Ruskin (as well as by many wholly forgotten young men).
— Matthew Sturgis, Oscar Wilde
I don't want us to be infatuated with a false sense of completeness.
— Kelsey*
Wilde admired his skill, but recognized the danger in such purely imitative work.
— Matthew Sturgis, Oscar Wilde
“We are all projects of collective self-creation,” they write. “What if ... we ask how we came to be trapped in such tight conceptual shackles that we can no longer even imagine the possibility of reinventing ourselves?”
— Jennifer Schuessler, "What if Everything You Learned About Human History Is Wrong?," The New York Times
I always give my side of the people some chips.
— Amtrak Cafe Car attendent giving everyone on her side of the cafe car Cheez-Its
Do you have any quarters?
— Martha looking for quarters to get air for car tires
But Sierra's work significantly develops this tradition in its use of other people as performers and in the emphasis on their remuneration. While Tiravanija celebrates the gift, Sierra knows that there's no such thing as a free meal: everything and everyone has a price.
— Claire Bishop, "Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics"
Stacks on deck
— Joan As Police Woman, "Whatever You Like"
He created an annual award to honor the player picked last in the college draft, because, he said, they "should be noticed."
New York Times subheadline for "Paul Salata, Champion of the N.F.L.'s 'Irrelevant,' Dies at 94"
The police not only allowed her to bedazzle the cameras but even paid her a couple of thousand dollars. "I realized that they could not hear me when I spoke as an artist," Magrid later said. "This had nothing to do with what I proposed but with who I was."
— Alice Gregory, "Body Of Work," The New Yorker
I think my art project would be a town with lots of stores but each store can only sell one type of thing.
— Lily
Heady Topper
— Max
The plot of the film Mr. Baldwin was shooting, “Rust,” hinges on an accidental killing and its aftermath.
The New York Times
Derek once asked if I was aware that a frog died when the Challenger exploded. Nope. It's true, he said: the pet frog of the son of the teacher who was supposed to go to space. Derek said he hoped the son had a new frog now. He said he knew how bad it feels to lose a pet. (tears)
— @mcmubria
Also, the conductors do love chocolate cake, so if anyone has a piece of chocolate cake on their table it is subject to the conductors taking a piece.
— Amtrak Conductor
I need to get a tattoo of that. I need to remember that death is just adjacent to life.
— Lily