You’re fun.
— Older Jewish lady at Interstellar
Christmas time is here.
A Charlie Brown Christmas
I forgot to ask, what’s your name?
— Reading Room lady
Corporation that sells empty vessels.
— Martha
You should not be ashamed to have large typography.
— Lucia
The song wants to survive.
— Michael Gordin
— Airport Security
These restaurants bring joy to the world.
— Justin
We don’t want a repeat of all this academic tourism.
— Mario
Don’t make Mario break out his glow-sticks.
— Justin
Life’s too short to look straight ahead.
— Jesse
Maybe I do have a photographic memory I just don’t read enough.
— Jesse
I like the graffiti, but what I don’t like is the disrespect for these natural materials.
— Nick
São Paulo is modernity.
— Bilboard at GRU
Have we a record of omniscience?
— Robert S. McNamara, The Fog of War
Delta Si has the upper hand!
— Mac Radner, Neighbors
Don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses.
— Rick (of Rick and Steve)
Where’d you go?
— Martha
But I think I can see.
— Bob Dylan, “Let Me Die In My Footsteps”
Every garden is a fictional statement.
— PHD juror