Work on something else.
— Jason
It’s art, you have to respect it!
— Security guard at MOMA after I took a large bad photograph that was for taking and crumpled it up and put it back.
Stand up and why?
— Misheard Lily
Sexual ice-cream… ice-cream that looks hot.
— David Rosenthal
— Jason
He was successively a milkman, a truckdriver, a bricklayer, a harvester, a dishwasher, a soldier in Puerto Rico during the war with Spain, a newspaperman, and a student of literature.
— Jorge Luis Borges, An Introduction to American Literature
When I close my eyes I see faces I haven’t drawn yet!
— Lily
Usually I watch animals until they walk away.
— Lily
— Lily greeting her first trick-or-treaters
The ground will be moist for gravestones.
— Dad
And your shoes get so hot, you wish your tired feet were fireproof.
— Man singing on subway with backup beatboxer, “Under The Boardwalk”
Vote for me! I’m running cuz I’m not walking.
— Sidney
Beautiful right?
— Fairway employee on Lily and I staring at new outdoor register
Hey. What’s up?
— Old man from Gramercy Vintage Furniture
I want to see the rest of the U.S. and walk a lot.
— Lily
It seems like everyone could use a pile of gravel every once in a while.
— Paul
iPads are cool but i miss giving my orders to a real person. The waiter helping us (adrian) was warm, energetic and made me feel attended to and connected. It is really a pleasure to have a nice experience with a person in a space full of bright screens, long waits and rushed travelers. Thank you to adrian for making my meal so precisely what i needed.
— One of many positive reviews for Adrian at Caps Oasis
It revealed my bedrock sense of reality as fiction, a mythology specific to a particular time and place, in a way I wouldn’t forget.
— Peter Korn, Why We Make Things And Why It Matters: The Education of a Craftsman
He’s Phi Bet'
— Sidney after I grabbed a knife from the neighbor table and loudly halved a frozen peach in the Isle of Capris