We probably sell more reissues than we did of the originals.
— Steve Frykholm on historic Herman Miller chair designs (potentially not verbatim)
Rapid serial visual presentation.
— What a student was thinking of exploring for her artist book
Holy fuck! You can see why I want to check out. You haven't been here for 30 minutes and I'm doing bullshit and improv.
— Sid, amazed at how fast I copied the contents of four of his transcribed journals from CDs to his hard drive
Fraud is forever.
— Angela on digital fraud in user attention data as modern version of physical magazine subscriber inflation strategies
The major deciphering of the Rosetta Stone hieroglyphics was done by Jean-François Champollion (1790-1832). He realized that some of the signs were alphabetic, some were syllabic, and some were deteriminatives (signs that deterimined how the preceding glyphs should be interpreted).
— Philip B. Meggs, Meggs' History of Graphic Design
The mature Roosevelt wrote nothing that he could not entrust to posterity. Many of his purported "family" letters were quite obviously written for publication.
— Edmund Morris, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
But that I must not dream of taking it up as a dilettante.
— Theodore Roosevelt, via Edmund Morris, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
The words you use to look up YouTube videos are like what they call paintings in museums.
— Lily
Nothing obliged us to make these departures from our original conception for the platform, yet we did so anyway. That’s the paradox of control: you want to do what it wants you to do.
— The Editors of Triple Canopy, "The Binder and the Server"
At one time his work was displayed in the United Nation’s gift shop, next to the works of the Navaho’s, the only two artisans chosen to represent the United States.
— http://www.rolfedesigns.com/wrolfe.htm
Poor books.
— Lily after ad for Downton Abbey: The Official Film Companion played on NPR
She was interested in the philosophical shift from examining what things mean, the classical task of criticism, to examining how they came to mean it. But this idea, popularized, risked suggesting that meaning was a mere construction and that language, literature, and art were no more than the sum of the biases of a dominant group.
— Benjamin Moser, Sontag: Her Life and Work
There was a Maintenance Man and a Janitor!
— Sondern on spyfall.crabhat.com game
“Believe me, many more people will see that selfie once I share it than will listen to this speech,” Bukele insisted, simultaneously underselling his own speaking skills, shortchanging the reach of the United Nations communications shop, and overstating the appetite of the global public for still photos of random smiling bearded dudes standing behind podiums.
— John Hayward, "Hayward: El Salvador’s Millennial President Warns U.N. May Go the Way of Blockbuster, Takes Selfie," Breitbart
I could close my eyes and see the whole heart rotating... I don't know how long that will last, but that's useful.
— Lily
It was there that she met William Phillips, co-editor of Partisan Review, and asked him how one wrote for his magazine. "You ask," he said "I'm asking," she answered.
— Benjamin Moser, Sontag: Her Life and Work
The new work, the innovation, is legitimated by the chain of works leading back to an authoritative type. But the chain also needs the new work. It is the new work that selects the chain out of the debris of the past.
— Alexander Nagel and Christopher S. Wood, "Anachronic Renaissance," from a reading for VIS392
I don't want you to speak at my funeral. And if you do, I'll never speak to you again.
— Joke Sid heard someone say at a memorial service
Mr. Iger believes that, if Mr. Jobs had lived, Disney and Apple might have merged.
— Maureen Dowd, "The Slow-Burning Success of Disney’s Bob Iger," The New York Times
Do you know the phrase "tragedy is just comedy without the last act?"
— David, in the Yankee Traveler Motel