It won’t take 4 minutes to get there.
— Helen on going to our meeting
I feel like it’s the most efficient way to get altitude.
— Lily on stairs
I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you.
Monsters Inc. credits
The phrase was given new popularity in 1937: in a well publicized case, violinist David Rubinoff was accused of inviting a young woman to his hotel room to view some French etchings, but instead seducing her.
— “"Etchings" euphemism,” Etching, Wikipedia
*Gasp,* I would dance for that building.
— Lily on Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Brown University
Nice job.
Just whistle… Catch me on the old horn.
— Sidney
Sick Day
You’re going to pick up sticks.
— Donald Trump Says “China,” Huffington Post
Crows are just people too.
— Lily
Your order had been successfully processed.
That’s the quote of the day right there! ‘Love doesn’t have a time zone.’
— Akshay
I had better explain right now about Walt Scowden because what he said to me today will have a constant echo in my future.
— Sid in 1946 inscription in Regulations: Valley Forge Military Academy
Art education is all to get to the point where people think/believe you are being intentional.
— Notebook [17] 2/22/15 - 11/2/15
That was a real journey.
— Lily on The Intern
Are you ready to order?
— She
I just want to grab my life by the balls and do what I want.
— Lily
Come up with a good idea and retire early.
— Dom (screenprinting)
I could be like a pine cone burned open and replanted in this scary and terrible world.
— Lily