Yes it’s good.
— Jacques Torres employee after I asked Spencer if their whipped cream was good
Being able to paint like a really good balloon game sign is like as great of a task as I’ve ever been given.
— Stephen Powers, “Stephen Powers Beautfiul Losers Excerpt,” YouTube
The Islamic State is using simpler, commercially available drones such as the DJI Phantom, which can be purchased on Amazon. The group attaches small explosive devices to them, essentially making them remotely piloted bombs.
— Michael S. Schmidt and Eric Schmitt, “Pentagon Confronts a New Threat From ISIS: Exploding Drones,” The New York Times
I appreciate that, you’ll make me cry.
— Guy in phyiscal therapy elevator who reminded me of Paul Muldoon
Yesterday I had 7 Twitter followers and two of them were my grandmother because she forgot her password and had to do it over.
— Ken Bone, video on Twitter
He and I haven’t spoken, and I disagree
— Trump in second debate on VP
Looks like a fish cage.
— Lily on fish tank
The first President George Bush withheld $400 million in loan guarantees from Israel in 1990 over the settlement issue. The move was later assumed to have been one factor in his re-election defeat.
— The Editorial Board, “At the Boiling Point With Israel,” The New York Times
See you in a bit.
— Jalark
Like a bullseye.
— Robert on Art
Is this helpful.
— Lily
— Ken
If they make a great catch I want to see it.
— Sid on getting a good seat at temple
— Mark Wahlberg, Deepwater Horizon
You guys are disco right now. All disco.
— IT Alex
Was that the one you thought we’d pick?
— Jynne
Andy had no pretensions to connoisseurship, and if American Indian baskets attracted him, he suddenly wanted lots of them. To him it was all so much fun, and he would act like an excited child.
— Fred Huges, from Warhol: The Biography
Good morning gentlemen. Good to see you. Good to be seen.
— The usual friendly lady working out in the fifth floor dance studio next to PT
It’s going to be a beautiful thing to watch.
— Donald Trump, debate at Hofstra
Yes it’s a thing. We get a kick out of it.
— Security guard at the MOMA responding to “is that a thing?” about a piece of fishing wire strung from the ceiling to a small weight on the floor