When they told him about the disgraceful things Rasputin was comitting "on the side," he did not want to believe them. And why? For one simple reason: the colors used to paint Rasputin were simply too dark. Had those "well-wishers" not tried so hard, then, maybe, the emperor would have listened to their words. He who has given himself the goal of breaking apart two friends commits a big mistake if he depicts the one he is trying to destroy as a completely worthless individual. It is much easier to achieve the desired result if in condemning him or her, you also ad a bit of praise.
— Lily Dehn via Douglas Smith, Rasputin
He was shocked to find not everyone as awed by the significance of these holy places as he was.
— Douglas Smith, Rasputin
The rat trap behind the untitled Ulrich Rückriem sculpture
— Brian Mucmullen tweet he posted to Instagram
The only thing that can keep me awake is frozen grapes.
— Lily
"So true!!!"
— @bradtroemel meme
So you do not need to collect everything. Actually, if you collect too many things, you cannot establish a hypothesis. To re-energize this format of books on cities, we need to put emphasis again on the hypothesis.
— Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, The Ordinary: Recordings
I like seeing what they look like and naming them.
— Emily on having kids
Not many quotes.
— Lily on her lack of quotes here recently
The reason for the popularity of such religious leaders from the lower depths should not be looked for in the degraded nature of the elite's religious sensibility, he argued, but in the shortcomings of the official church, namely the "stale and dry formalism" of the Russian higher clergy.
— Douglas Smith, Rasputin
— Akshay
The view of research as data gathering only certainly isn't ours, though it's not unfamiliar.
— Denise Scott Brown, The Ordinary: Recordings
Lev Tikhomirov... noted this crucial fact in his diary in early 1916: "People say that the Emperor has been warned to his face that Rasputin is destroying the Dynasty. He replies: "Oh, that's silly nonsense; his importance is greatly exagerated." An utterly incomprehensible point of view. For this is in fact where the destruction comes from, the wild exaggerations. What really matters is not what sort of influence Grishka has on the Emperor, but what sort of influence the people think he has. This is precisely what is undermining the authority of the Tasar and the Dynasty." To separate Rasputin from his mythodology, I came to realize, was to completely misunderstand him. There is no Rasputin without the stories about Rasputin.
— Douglas Smith, Rasputin
Yes. There is also an incredibly beautiful text by Menander, which really became the trigger for "The Generic City." The text explained how you could describe any city in a positive way. If the city is on top of a mountain, you could say it is totally inaccessible, or you would say it is well defended, or you coudl say that it has beautiful views and panoramic conditions.
— Rem Koolhaas, The Ordinary: Recordings
Other things contributed to making me paint what I do the way I do. For one thing, I have always wanted everybody to like my work.
— Norman Rockwell, My Adventures as an Illustrator
Knowing what it weighs comes after knowing how many people you need to carry it.
— David
"He said that one of the sad things in life, particularly if you were a politican, was that you discovered that the other side really had a very good case. He was most unpartisan in that way." According to Ormsby-Gore, Kennedy even wondered whether he was really cut out to be a politician because he was so often impressed by the other side's arguments when he really examined them in detail.
— Fredrik Logevall, JFK: Coming of Age in the American Century
Frank Kermode suggests of fiction that the ending of a story is necessary to make sense of everything that came before it. Grit happens after that ending.
— David, "Grit Plus Tape"
"He remembered people's names."
— Fredrik Logevall, JFK: Coming of Age in the American Century
There aren't enough ponds in New England for everyone to have one.
— David
— Lily drafting her response to a survey asking for her "Hobbies/Outside Interests"