The Washington Post and The New York Times will no longer be delivered to the White House, officials said.
New York Times headline
My answer is yes but my judgment is no.
— Brian Cox, "The Great Society"
It's funny, we'll never see each other again. Isn't that funny.
— Guy giving directions to a family on 24th and Broadway
I'm definitely my favorite artist.
— Henry
The third and last danger against which I shall warn you is one which has wrecked many a fair craft which started well and gave promise of a prosperous voyage. It is the perilous habit of indorsing—all the more dangerous, inasmuch as it assails one generally in the garb of friendship.
— Andrew Carnegie via David Nasaw, Andrew Carnegie
But never boring.
— David Nasaw, Andrew Carnegie
Inside his Rough Rider hat: several extra pairs of specticales, sewn into the lining.
— Edmund Morris, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
As the Harper's Weekly man remarked, the Roosevelt Commissionership "was never in the least dull."
— Edmund Morris, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
In today’s world, there is competition to be more concerned than anyone else. In Bloom’s, there was competition to be the most exactingly delighted.
— Dwight Garner, "Harold Bloom, a Prolific Giant and Perhaps the Last of a Kind," The New York Times
You should be able to explain your book in one sentence.
— Pablo
It's great to love your family.
— Sid
What are you going to draw next?
— Otter as we draw on "Kid O Free Play Magnatab" in the car
I love that we love the same things.
— Lily after I texted her a photo of the "PREPARING" screen my name was on in a Panera
An institution stops serving its function when it starts looking out for its own survival.
— Amos Kennedy
We probably sell more reissues than we did of the originals.
— Steve Frykholm on historic Herman Miller chair designs (potentially not verbatim)
Rapid serial visual presentation.
— What a student was thinking of exploring for her artist book
Holy fuck! You can see why I want to check out. You haven't been here for 30 minutes and I'm doing bullshit and improv.
— Sid, amazed at how fast I copied the contents of four of his transcribed journals from CDs to his hard drive
Fraud is forever.
— Angela on digital fraud in user attention data as modern version of physical magazine subscriber inflation strategies
The major deciphering of the Rosetta Stone hieroglyphics was done by Jean-François Champollion (1790-1832). He realized that some of the signs were alphabetic, some were syllabic, and some were deteriminatives (signs that deterimined how the preceding glyphs should be interpreted).
— Philip B. Meggs, Meggs' History of Graphic Design
The mature Roosevelt wrote nothing that he could not entrust to posterity. Many of his purported "family" letters were quite obviously written for publication.
— Edmund Morris, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt