"That because you've couched your intention in a joke, that you can disavow it when people come asking."
"That's right. That's exactly right. So you create this ambiguity so there's no way for you to mean what you really mean ever."
Feels Good Man
I think they're diamonds.
— David (paraphrased) on what was causing optical illustion on building balconies
I can't get a drink in Harlan County
I can't get a drink and I don't know why
— Loudon Wainwright III, "Harlan County"
You go in so young, that's where you get your beliefs.
— Head mover, a former Army Ranger, (paraphrased) when I asked if he had any beliefs that had changed before vs after his military experience
Turned one of our sons into the chess girl cus his chess skills were already high
— Lily in a text on The Sims after watching The Queen's Gambit
At this time, we cut the people's meat for them so much, that we do too much of the audience's work.
— Dave Chappelle, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
I wouldn't have it any other way.
— Bill Murray responding to "It must be nice to be you," On the Rocks
Genius is probably everywhere but the problem is how to self promote.
— David paraphrasing Max Stirner
I have been dumping city of worc trash here for about 20 years now, the place is clean on the outside, the inside is a trash burning facility , so it’s expected to be somewhat dumpy inside . the people (that work there) have always been kind & professional, and most importantly approachable if I have any issues. I have 10 yrs before I can retire and I don’t mind this company as a hole to dump my city issued, packet with yellow city bags vehicle . For the remainder of my career
— Mark Fair, 4 star review on Google Maps for Wheelabrator on 331 SW Cutoff, Millbury, MA 01527
In Weaver's opinion, Just was "so queer a mixture of modesty and confidence" that it was difficult to tell how important his work really was.
— Kenneth R. Manning, Black Apollo of Science: The Life of Ernest Everett Just
I thus appreciate both the patience and impatience.
— Email*
Before dismissing the notion out of hand, it should be pointed out that the belief in the efficacy of intercessory prayer to heal is still widely held today.
— Douglas Smith, Rasputin
When they told him about the disgraceful things Rasputin was comitting "on the side," he did not want to believe them. And why? For one simple reason: the colors used to paint Rasputin were simply too dark. Had those "well-wishers" not tried so hard, then, maybe, the emperor would have listened to their words. He who has given himself the goal of breaking apart two friends commits a big mistake if he depicts the one he is trying to destroy as a completely worthless individual. It is much easier to achieve the desired result if in condemning him or her, you also ad a bit of praise.
— Lily Dehn via Douglas Smith, Rasputin
He was shocked to find not everyone as awed by the significance of these holy places as he was.
— Douglas Smith, Rasputin
The rat trap behind the untitled Ulrich Rückriem sculpture
— Brian Mucmullen tweet he posted to Instagram
The only thing that can keep me awake is frozen grapes.
— Lily
"So true!!!"
— @bradtroemel meme
So you do not need to collect everything. Actually, if you collect too many things, you cannot establish a hypothesis. To re-energize this format of books on cities, we need to put emphasis again on the hypothesis.
— Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, The Ordinary: Recordings
I like seeing what they look like and naming them.
— Emily on having kids
Not many quotes.
— Lily on her lack of quotes here recently