Enjoy the magic of the movies.
— Ticket guy, who has been there since it was Palazzo, as he took our tickets at B&B Theatres Overland Park 16
Give up the charade that you care about these things and just make your funny shapes.
— @dank.lloyd.wright
The Second Directory added two new taxes, one on luxuries that fell primarily on the rich and one based on counting the doors and windows in buildings, a rough measure of property value.
— Jeremy D. Popkin, A New World Begins: The History of the French Revolution
It was cool that people could draw their own meaning from a business that was just there to make money.
— Nathan Fielder, S2 E5: "Dumb Starbucks," Nathan For You
If you work without a system the only safety is insignificance.
— Lewis Day, Pattern Design
Banana Pudding
— Tricycle Ice Cream sandwich
You’re sniffing like it’s two for one Saturdays.
— Lily
You're not going to photograph it?
— David on me not initially photographing the unwrapping of his gift (potentially paraphrased)
After a brief negotiation, we agreed that for $2,000, it could stay forever.
— Nathan Fielder, S2 E3: "Pet Store/Maid Service," Nathan For You
Paper creates this standardized clock at which archivists can work.
— Hilde on paper's known lifespan vs digital (potentially paraphrased)
I paid for it.
— Man with Rhode Island license plate GOD444
It was around this time that the brightest students of hustle university made an important discovery, which is that capital always outpaces the value of labor.
— Brad Troemel, "the hustle report"
Last shot if it goes in.
— Lily
The transfer of these functions from the church to the state was more than just a matter of relocating record books from the parish church to the local mayor's office. As the deputies understood, registration of major life events was a ritual that identified individuals with the insitution that guaranteed their identity.
— Jeremy D. Popkin, A New World Begins: The History of the French Revolution (I heard "identified" as "tied the")
It would read 200,000 books and then find the one sentance in 200,000 books that best answered your question.... But I was also able to take it and not go through 200,000 books, but go through a book that I'd put together which is basically everything my father had written.
— Ray Kurzweil, "Ray Kurzweil: Singularity, Superintelligence, and Immortality | Lex Fridman Podcast #321"
Since the last meeting of the Estates General had been in 1614-1615, there was no institutional memory of how deputies should be chosen and what procedures they should follow.
— Jeremy D. Popkin, A New World Begins: The History of the French Revolution
Massiveness does not require long descriptions.
— Halim*
The blunt truth of Barabási’s work is that success isn’t really about the performer. Quite the contrary: Success is defined by the audience.
— Ian Thomsen and Lia Petronio, "Why there are no more Van Goghs," News@Northeastern
Are you allowed to watch that?
— Lily hearing me listen to a fast paced cowboy banjo sounding video of a frog riding a turtle on wheels
Please be sure to put your post cards in the mailbox.
— Wedding MC