or the unrealized potential of an art Object –>
— a bullet point under “(3) What is the critical project of making a pointing,” Notes by Owens and Asha Schechter, Owens, Laura
She said, "Everyone is going to try to tell you not to do it. Curators, art historians, galleries, collectors, they're all going to make you feel like you're doing something wrong. But you know what, if we all quit making art, they'd all be out of jobs." It was really Team Art. It was cool.
— Eric Palgon, Owens, Laura
Nearly every document and image within it was selected not only to elaborate her history but also to open onto a more general case. At least that was the criterion by which we hoped generousity and scholarship might forstall narcissism and anecdote for its own sake.
— Scott Rothkopf, "Introduction," Owens, Laura