He briefed the mayor on a plan — prepared by 14 consulting firms — for how City Hall could work with business leaders to overcome the pandemic downturn.
— J. David Goodman, Emma G. Fitzsimmons and Jeffery C. Mays, "Inside the Clash Between Powerful Business Leaders and N.Y.C.’s Mayor," The New York Times
Again, not about the content. About what the movie says about the content.
— John Nolte, "‘Cuties’ Review: Dull and Indefensible," Breitbart
He thinks that buildings are always more interesting than the project.
— David on Enrique Walker
"Stalin had the very good sense never to say anything before everyone else had his argument fully developed," Bazhanov said.
— Stephen Kotkin, Stalin: Volume 1: Paradoxes of Power
FACT CHECK: Trending Hoax Video of Donald Trump Pointing to a Puddle Lacks Context
— Breitbart headline
And the supreme gift of pursuing a chosen goal inflexibly and without scruple.
— Alexander Barmine via Stephen Kotkin, Stalin: Volume 1: Paradoxes of Power
I'll practice knee surgery on geese.
— Lily
Glass eggs were used by storekeepers to aid the customer in choosing sizes of eggs. Later the poultry industry used glass eggs to teach pullet hens where to lay their eggs.
— Sandwich Glass Museum item text, "Free-Blown Eggs," Attributed to the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company and Others, 1840 - 1887, Museum Collection, 1924.11.1-.3
In a reenactment of the "storming of the Winter Palace" staged in Petrograd, which involved far more people than the original event.
— Stephen Kotkin, Stalin: Volume 1: Paradoxes of Power
Trembling over his job," envious of the competent, unwilling to learn, sought a scapegoat for his own shortcomings.
— Stephen Kotkin, Stalin: Volume 1: Paradoxes of Power
Take control of when Urban Outfitters pays your invoices. Use the Urban Outfitters Early Payment Program to offer a discount in exchange for early payment. The only cost is the discount you offer.
— Urban Outfitters letter
I think that the world before mass communication, before the post office, and certainly before any kind of boat travel, when everyone was just either on foot or on horses, was undeniably impossible for us to understand. Because they were so savage, there was very few rules, people were just dying of syphilis and every other fucking disease that came around the bend... it was a wild barely human thing that would occasionally paint cool things and write things down and compose music, but lived in a savage environment that's almost unrecognizable for us today.
— Joe Rogan, "The Joe Rogan Experience #1530 - Duncan Trussell"
When you asked how I began writing, I told you how poetry functioned specifically for me from the time I was very young. When someone said to me, "How do you feel?" or "What do you think?" or asked another direct question, I would recite a poem, and somewhere in that poem would be the feeling, the vital piece of information. It might be a line. It might be an image. The poem was my response.
— Audre Lorde, "An Interview: Audre Lorde and Adrienne Rich," Sister Outsider
If someone got a mask that was just their Starbucks order.
— Lily
That has seen him transformed from a 13-year-old kid signed on a contract written on the back of a napkin.
— Rory Smith, "The True Cost of Lionel Messi’s Declaration of Independence," The New York Times
Some people were not made for hobbies.
— David
My favorite fact about Cotton, though, is that he and his wife buy a birthday cake nearly every week and eat a slice a day.
— Nicholas Fandos, "Full Analysis: Final Night of the Republican National Convention," The New York Times
There's a statue of me at Notre Dame. I guess they needed a place for the pigeons to land.
— Lou Holtz, Republican National Convention
But in 1918—which as a result of a calendar change in February from the Julian (eastern orthodox) to the Gregorian (western) was the shortest year in Russia's thousand-year history.
— Stephen Kotkin, Stalin: Volume 1: Paradoxes of Power
That world, that profession will never be out of buisiness.
— Donald Trump on janitorial work to post office custodian, Republican National Convention