They don't know how to respond, all they know how to do is appeal.
— Sid*
Just as a murderer's bloody fingerprint on a page says more than the words printed on it.
— Walter Benjamin, "The Author as Producer"
The heart of the house was the parlor, which Washington turned into his dining room, an eccentric space claiming the odd distinction of having seven doors and one window.
— Ron Chernow, Washington: A Life
Learn from your mistakes, it's simple.
— One Amtrak conductor to another, generously, after the latter had made a mistake
We're really into training the audience.
— Patrick Gabridge
Genome: bought the book; hard to read
— Eric Lander, Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony
On a peanut farm in Asia with no floor.
— Andrew Yang, 3rd Democratic Debate
Things happen by accident, but nothing gets left by accident.
— Emily Eveleth recounting something her husband says
You could research the stuff and use it. You didn't have to know it.
— Sid on his Dictionary of Foreign Quotations by Robert and Mary Collison
Smothered mate.
— Alex, a chess player in Washington Square Park
Washington's contemporaries recognized that compulsive note taking, this itch to record every action, went to the very essence.
— Ron Chernow, Washington: A Life
When Gilbert Stuart painted them a more brilliant blue, he explained that in a hundred years they would fade to the right color.
— Ron Chernow, Washington: A Life
I loved that it was so shit! It was so out of style to collect these nostalgic things but also so in style to have a Damien Hirst and I kept playing with that. It was like alchemy... I was getting into pairs of objects too, I'd bought 2 of everything wherever I could and I used them as pairs in this piece. I love the confidence you get with two shit things, it makes them good. If you make a horrible painting then paint it again and hang both side by side it becomes super hard to dismiss it, or them.
— @damienhirst
Its growing number of directorates and departments were producing mountains of information that had no clear purpose, application, or meaning.
— Masha Gessen, The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin
Mythology distracts us everywhere. For the great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie: deliberate, contrived, and dishonest. But the myth: persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.
— JFK, Introductory Segment from Kennedy Library & Museum Rededication Film (1993), rearranged sentances from JFK's commencement address at Yale on June 11, 1962
Close reading takes time! What a great format for a course.
— @phillipdenny on @johnmcmorrough's post about "Arch 603: Reading: Delirious New York"
"It seems like something that could easily be misconstrued," he said, adding, "In a world without any discrimination, understanding human behavior is a noble goal, but we don't live in that world."
— Pam Belluck quoting Steven Reilly, "Many Genes Influence Same-Sex Sexuality, Not a Single ‘Gay Gene’," The New York Times
Pope Francis told the crowd he was stuck in an elevator for 25 minutes.
— Sylvia Poggioli, NPR
Ike's unusual ability to think like his superiors paid dividends.
— Jean Edward Smith, Eisenhower: In War and Peace
I kind of like things that play you.
— David