Cellphone users can opt to block all but the presidential alerts.
— J. David Goodman and David Gelles, “Cellphone Alerts Used in New York to Search for Bombing Suspect,” The New York Times
*Sound of birds*
— Flock of squeaky row boats
Tank 7
Battlestar Galactica.
— Jason
But I kept wondering: Here I am, with a job and opportunities that many people rightly envy me for, but in reality, the job consists to a large degree of sitting at my desk and having an unpleasant time.
— Christoph Niemann, Sunday Sketching
Enough to shop out?
— RH meeting
He’s a pepper pot full of fun.
— Sid on main WQXR person’s voice
— Sam from Murray’s
Knucklebones have been found in tombs where they must have been intended to help the deceased while away endless time.
— caption for “Group of glass astragaloi (knucklebones) Greek, 3rd-2nd century B.C.”
If you stand all the way in that corner…
— Excited Gagosian security guard encouraging a specific photo thru a Richard Serra
The corridors here look repulsive.
— Werner Herzog, Lo and Behold
A nap is like you get to kill yourself and take it back.
— Louis C.K.
How’s the project?
— Super friendly and great receptionist at NY Sports Club
You couldn’t make up these stories.
— Sid on his voicemails
He’s very tweet.
— Emily on a toad
Where we longed for nothin’ and were satisfied.
— Bob Dylan, “Bob Dylan’s Dream,” The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
Order a pizza.
— Ken
Is that the year Jesus made people?
— Lily on 1770
Are they going to inspect the rooms?
— Sid on Peter’s parents visiting
Yeeha! I feel like a boy again! Hot diggity dog!
— Sid swimming in the ocean