Dining with the devil requires more than a long spoon.
— Manning Marable, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention
You realize a knife should be a thing.
— Guy Ritchie, "Joe Rogan Experience #956 - Guy Ritchie"
But part of Malcolm always believed that even negative publicity was better than none at all.
— Manning Marable, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention
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— Lightroom
I decided a long time ago that chicken was the same as fruits and vegetables.
— Lily on veganism
I love wings on a square plate.
— Lily
Scene two.
— Lily telling David which lighting preset to press
Two Tylenol and one Aleve.
— Henry
If I had some direction or some book to go by it would be ok, but I don't.
— Man on subway
@kevincarlbergquist haha I did very little too except a screenshot and a xerox machine
— @braulioamado
It would be smoother than any cue ball ever machined.
— Neil deGrasse Tyson, "Joe Rogan Experience #1159 - Neil deGrasse Tyson"
Does anyone ever have a dummy button?
— Joe Rogan responding to Neil's comment on lack of floor 13 buttons, "Joe Rogan Experience #919 - Neil deGrasse Tyson"
He just found a centipede and called it a book of legs.
— Lily
Seeing that he had a sense of history, he gave Dirkson a place in it.
— Robert Caro, The Passage of Power
If there's three hundred thousand horses and a fifteen year lifespan... It's a lot of dead horses. And you need a horse to move the horse. And they probably get pretty freaked out if they have to move a dead horse… it's gotta be like pretty weird… like, why am I dragging this dead, you know, horse around, and I'm a horse.
— Elon Musk, "Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk"
me telling ben about my day
— Lily's Instagram caption
infinite hourglass… to be filled
— Happy accident on Neeta's unfinished site
I should have gone into the hospitality business.
— Lily on the phone having a great time in a Marriott
So rare in America were oval rooms.
— Robert Caro, The Passage of Power
It really struck me that it wasn't the issues which matter, it was the friendships.
— Bobby Kennedy via Robert Caro, The Passage of Power