A hair of the dog is a friend indeed.
— Paul Muldoon, “Symposium”
So they approved it with different type?
— Coworker
Mr. Murray looked fatigued toward the end of his shift. When asked what he had learned on the job, he said, “Well, if your barback isn’t getting you the right glasses” — he glared at a fellow bartender — “then you’re put in an instant of creativity, where you have to make a drink with the glasses you have. And that, to me, is a life of service.”
— Foster Kamer, “Bill Murray, Brooklyn Bartender,” The New York Times
Cellphone users can opt to block all but the presidential alerts.
— J. David Goodman and David Gelles, “Cellphone Alerts Used in New York to Search for Bombing Suspect,” The New York Times
*Sound of birds*
— Flock of squeaky row boats
Tank 7
Battlestar Galactica.
— Jason
But I kept wondering: Here I am, with a job and opportunities that many people rightly envy me for, but in reality, the job consists to a large degree of sitting at my desk and having an unpleasant time.
— Christoph Niemann, Sunday Sketching
Enough to shop out?
— RH meeting
He’s a pepper pot full of fun.
— Sid on main WQXR person’s voice
— Sam from Murray’s
Knucklebones have been found in tombs where they must have been intended to help the deceased while away endless time.
— caption for “Group of glass astragaloi (knucklebones) Greek, 3rd-2nd century B.C.”
If you stand all the way in that corner…
— Excited Gagosian security guard encouraging a specific photo thru a Richard Serra
The corridors here look repulsive.
— Werner Herzog, Lo and Behold
A nap is like you get to kill yourself and take it back.
— Louis C.K.
How’s the project?
— Super friendly and great receptionist at NY Sports Club
You couldn’t make up these stories.
— Sid on his voicemails
He’s very tweet.
— Emily on a toad
Where we longed for nothin’ and were satisfied.
— Bob Dylan, “Bob Dylan’s Dream,” The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
Order a pizza.
— Ken