It would read 200,000 books and then find the one sentance in 200,000 books that best answered your question.... But I was also able to take it and not go through 200,000 books, but go through a book that I'd put together which is basically everything my father had written.
— Ray Kurzweil, "Ray Kurzweil: Singularity, Superintelligence, and Immortality | Lex Fridman Podcast #321"
Since the last meeting of the Estates General had been in 1614-1615, there was no institutional memory of how deputies should be chosen and what procedures they should follow.
— Jeremy D. Popkin, A New World Begins: The History of the French Revolution
Massiveness does not require long descriptions.
— Halim*
The blunt truth of Barabási’s work is that success isn’t really about the performer. Quite the contrary: Success is defined by the audience.
— Ian Thomsen and Lia Petronio, "Why there are no more Van Goghs," News@Northeastern
Are you allowed to watch that?
— Lily hearing me listen to a fast paced cowboy banjo sounding video of a frog riding a turtle on wheels
Please be sure to put your post cards in the mailbox.
— Wedding MC
Did you hear the news? My discount folding business just bought a discount packaging business.
— Lily
Designer Stew
— Stew label
That was a miss reading. As Putin himself later acknowledged, the primary purpose of the amendment had not been to prolong his time in power, althought that remained a possibility, but to prevent him becoming a lame duck.
— Philip Short, Putin
Life was from its begining a picture magazine managed by former writers, not by photographers. The publication's photographers, it has been said, were more like a thesaurus than authors.
— Brett Abbot, Engaged Observers
Differences between the generations were more pronounced in Russia than in Western Europe or America because the change of system after the collapse of communist rule in 1991 had been total. Putin's concern, however, was less with the behaviour of younger people – a tolerance which may have stemmed from his memories of his own truculent youth – than with their lack of a sense of national identity. He complained of their 'appalling' ignorance of their country's past and quoted his favourite historian, Vasily Klyuchevsky: '“History doesn't teach anything, but it punishes those who haven't learnt their lessons.”
— Philip Short, Putin
As flat as the surface of the Earth.
— Niels*
Myths aren't stories about things that happened in the deep past that are largely irrelevant. Myths are stories about perennial or pertinent patterns.
— John Vervaeke, "John Vervaeke: Meaning Crisis, Atheism, Religion & the Search for Wisdom | Lex Fridman Podcast #317"
Notably, not a single person present in the room had been part of the ceremony the last time around, when Queen Elizabeth was proclaimed sovereign 70 years ago.
— Megan Specia, "In an ancient ceremony with a modern twist, King Charles III is formally proclaimed to his new role," The New York Times
Birthday toad.
— Lily
The amount of information in this room that you could actually pay attention to is combinatory explosive. The amount of information you have in your memory, long-term memory, and all the ways you could combine it, combinatorial explosive. The number of possibilities you can consider, also combinatory explosive. The sequences of behavior you can generate, also combinatorial explosive. And yet somehow you're zeroing in. The right memories are coming up. The right possibilities are opening up. The right sequences of behavior. You're paying attention to the right thing. Not infallibly so, but so much so that you reliably find obvious what you should interact with in order to solve the problem at hand. That's an ability that is still not well understood... It's amost like a Zen koan, what makes you intelligent is your ability to ignore so much information... So I represent this as a cup. The number of properties it actually has, and that I even have epistemic access, to is combinatory explosive. I select from those a subset and how they are relevant to each other insofar as they are relevant for me. This doesn't have to be a cup. I could be using it as a hat. I could use it to stand for the letter "V." All kinds of different things. I could say this was the 10th billion object made in North America.
— John Vervaeke, "John Vervaeke: Meaning Crisis, Atheism, Religion & the Search for Wisdom | Lex Fridman Podcast #317"
I'm really tripping out cause my birthday is April 17th. And I see MVP on license plates... often. Rolled in here, right as I turn in, on the first car... 4... 17... MVP. Swear right hand to God.
— Robbin Stone, "S1 E3: Gold Digger," The Rehearsal
OMG In the Penguin Random House/S&S antitrust trial it was revealed that out of 58,000 trade titles published per year, half of those titles sell fewer than one dozen books. LESS THAN ONE DOZEN.
— @aprilhenrybooks tweet via @bradtromel
Izvestia wrote that autumn that as well as appearing presidential, he had managed to make ordinary Russians feel, 'he's just like me', with the result that 'changing one's good opinion of Putin would require changing one's good opinion of oneself, which is very hard to do.'
— Philip Short, Putin
The first decree which Putin signed as acting president, using the same pen that Yeltsin had used to name him his successor, granted the former president immunity.
— Philip Short, Putin