I just want to grab my life by the balls and do what I want.
— Lily
Come up with a good idea and retire early.
— Dom (screenprinting)
I could be like a pine cone burned open and replanted in this scary and terrible world.
— Lily
Wildlife doesn’t exist by accident anymore.
— Corey Knowlton, “The Rhino Hunter,” Radiolab
University press feel.
— Helen
There are fifty states; what are the chances?
— Henry
You had bongos in like 45 seconds. 45 seconds or your money back.
— Jamo
I’m my grandma’s number one grandson.
— Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “Make the Money”
Come in, she said.
I’ll give ya shelter from the storm.
— Bill Murray singing with Bob Dylan, St. Vincent
— Donald Trump, CNN Debate “ROUND 2: THE GLOVES ARE OFF”
And in the series of degressive generalizations I gave you, we were contracting, contracting, contracting and ever more orderly, so I say then the human mind seems to be demonstrated in our experience as the most powerful antientropic patterns operative in the universe.
— R. Buckminster Fuller, World Man
Invention is something you have to do by yourself.
— R. Buckminster Fuller, World Man
It’s human.
— Mira
I love these shoes!
— Lily on new sneakers
Admissions mistake
Amsterdam Ale House with friends
Sunday Pandas.
You’re the home team.
— Sidney
And that’s what I found funny.
— Lily on cherry bouncing around in dream
Please do not touch or climb sculpture.
— Sign