I broke it!
— Ken on his sunflower
Is it cuz they're going to expire?
— Lily on baseball hotdog Buck Nights
I got an extra short haircut an extra short time ago.
— Lily on a cassette tape recording when she was 9
Cognitive behavioral therapy is a modern embodiment of this ancient wisdom.
— Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, “The Coddling of the American Mind,” The Atlantic
While it is impossible at this point to consider the work of Frank Gehry or the Eameses without also having to take into account their personae, I guarantee that any American over the age of thirty has encountered hundreds of Dreyfuss objects without ever having given him a thought.
— Joe Scanlan, “Henry Dreyfuss Thermostats” Object Lessons
I thought I was superman until he came along.
— Sid on Ken
Vice president.
— Mark Usher, “Chapter 65,″ House of Cards
I think you can click the 0 in the year.
— Dillon on homestarrunner.com
Wanna hear my advice? Never go to bed angry at each other.
— Nice TSA man at DEN who has 12 years of marriage under his belt
Give em’ a nip!
— Molly and Bret repeating my phrase for Tique
I feel terrible. I feel guilty. I mean where could an ant be and not be crushed by a human.
— Emily after accidentally killing an ant on the top of Turkey Roost
You got any kids Folly?
— Lily making small talk with her horse
It’s vintage.
— Ken on his ‘73 eclipse vest to TOPO employee
Welcome to America.
— Young kid in Casper Wyoming on bike with football and no helmet who would also say “zap” with a hand gesture
What’s the difference between that and reading?
— Lily on The Sims
The footprints in the butter.
— How you know an elephant was in your refrigerator (from a Grandpa Jack joke notecard)
Nike wait up!
— Lily to Nike
When people asked Breitbart why he wasn’t more involved in electoral politics, he liked to say that if you could reorient news and entertainment, the rest would follow. ‘‘Politics,’’ he often said, ‘‘is downstream from culture.’’
— Wil S. Hylton, “Down the Breitbart Hole,” The New York Times Magazine
They turn their backs on the universe and its ecstasies in order to spin out, endlessly, those ten pointless projectile heads, which are cut away time and again by the sudden snips of a Solingen.
— Jorge Luis Borges, “Toenails”
I’m pretending the met is a cruise ship.
— Lily in a text