Izvestia wrote that autumn that as well as appearing presidential, he had managed to make ordinary Russians feel, 'he's just like me', with the result that 'changing one's good opinion of Putin would require changing one's good opinion of oneself, which is very hard to do.'
— Philip Short, Putin
The first decree which Putin signed as acting president, using the same pen that Yeltsin had used to name him his successor, granted the former president immunity.
— Philip Short, Putin
I think people sometimes read in some ideological bend or policy thing into that that I think often isn't there. But unfortuntely, there just are, becuase the scale is so big, there are going to be millions of mistakes. You're going to be able to find almost any pattern that you want in that much data.
— Mark Zuckerberg, "#1863 - Mark Zuckerberg, The Joe Rogan Experience"
Of course, it will take passengers longer to exit the airplane if their eyes haven’t yet adjusted to the outside light. If the airplane’s interior is dark while its exterior is bright and sunny, passengers may struggle to quickly exit the airplane during an emergency. Therefore, airlines require passengers to open their window shades during takeoffs and landings to allow for eyesight adjustment.
— "Why Airlines Require Passengers to Open Window Shades During Takeoffs and Landings," monroeaerospace.com
— Lily on Giacometti
Moulded bricks
— Title of explanatory wall panel at the National Museum of Denmark
The so-called "tromp l'oeil" genre is typical of the Baroque era with its interest in witty illusionism, metaphor, and allegory. The genre was popular with princes and heads of states throughout Europe. The works were good conversation pieces when entertaining dignitaries from abroad.
— Wall text at Statens Museum for Kunst
“If you spend your whole life studying the worms that live on nodules, then you get very attached to that,” Mr. Lodge said.
— Eric Lipton, "Secret Data, Tiny Islands and a Quest for Treasure on the Ocean Floor," The New York Times
“Both Israel and another country are working to make Iranian clouds not rain,” Brig. Gen. Gholam Reza Jalali, a senior official in the country’s powerful Revolutionary Guards Corps, said in a 2018 speech.
— Alissa J. Rubin, "Cloud Wars: Mideast Rivalries Rise Along a New Front," The New York Times
— Eritech Lightning Event Counter inside of beam at the top of Loen Skylift
Never take an unnecessary chance just to get a good photo.
— Bullet point on sign at Storsæterfossen
We’re both urologists.
— Spanish couple that we hitchhiked partway down the road with
— Group of people after someone said "hip hip" (repeated a few times)
Which is roughly the poundage of three babies.
— Simen on a big bible at the Nordic Bible Museum
How do we relate to death?
— Wall text, "TO DIE," Munch Museum
So we could find it one day or lead someone else here.
— Note Lily wrote describing the page numbers she added in the book where she wrote a note, part of the exhibit "I Call it Art," Oslo's New National Museum of Art
We drive through all triangles.
— Jonah Hill, War Dogs
If you don't die properly all the time, well it's cancerous outgrouths and like it's a very fine balance between productivity on the biological front and the culling of that, right. Life is a real balance between growth and death.
— Jordan Peterson, "Jordan Peterson: Life, Death, Power, Fame, and Meaning | Lex Fridman Podcast #313"
A modern clock that displays time through literary quotes every minute.
— "Author Clock: A Novel Way To Tell Time," Indiegogo
Putin, he remembered, always spoke so quietly that his interlocutor had to make an effort to hear what he was saying. In one sense, this was an aspect of his obsessive self-control, he almost never raised his voice no matter how angry he was, but like his chronic lateness, it was also a way to put the other party psychologically at a disadvantage.
— Philip Short, Putin